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Zebra Birthday Invitations Ideas

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One popular option is the invitation that animal print, this would be an awesome dinner party for a child’s birthday party. Option one is a trendy zebra print, you will be setting up some interesting invitations easily and quickly. Black and white theme, pink and black color scheme that would be suitable for your invitation. Many of the ideas that you can use to incorporate into the zebra print party invitations.
Zebra Print Ribbon will give you the opportunity to have a touch of elegant invitations. You can have a solid color with a folded piece of cardstok is decorated with zebra print and ribbon to create a stylish invitation. Attach some silk flowers on the far right and do not forget to write your party details on the card.


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For a younger event, such as a child‘s birthday party, you can use faux fur fabric and printed in accordance with the theme. Cardstok Then fold and glue into place. You can use an accent gemstone or faux fur to give the impression that sparkles. Write the theme of your event on the inside of the card on the right side. Do not forget to write the party details, such as time, place and location.

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