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13 Most Popular 1st Birthday Party Ideas

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Hi pals! Today, I’ve been through a great day and I’m going to tell you about that. It was gorgeous, I went to my fellow mate’s house, then started chit-chatting while binge-watch the Good Doctor series (:D). Anyway, how was your day guys? I hope you got a nice day and stay healthy in this cold winter. In this chilly day, are you still looking for some inspiration for your baby’s upcoming 1st birthday party? If yes, we got something for you.

We proudly present our collection and gather them into 13’s list of best invitation card ideas for your baby’s 1st birthday party. All of them are free though! We have combined every aspects, from a modern yet classy design ideas, to the completely adorable design like Disney princess themed invitation card. Can’t wait to see them? Let’s get started.

Colorful Baby Unicorn & Carriage Birthday Invitation Templates


Mommies! Invite your guests to come at your baby’s first birthday party with this gorgeous Magical Unicorn invitation. If you are a big fan of a handmade and adorable princess stuff, you will be falling in love with these one!  Our template design will truly be a one-of-a-kind thing.

Make your guests captivated by your invitation cards through these beautifully-crafted template design. We filled the background layer up with beautiful Baby Blue-Sky color, along with gorgeous Crowned Princess Carriage to put your little princess’s photo as well as the party details.

Beyond that, the invitation will be decorated with many adorable stuffs, such as cute rainbows, blow clouds, colorful balloons & bunting banner as well as – lovely Baby Unicorn in pastel-colored to captivate your guest’s heart.

Epic Avengers Birthday Invitation Templates

Superheroes are forever popular but this Avengers has reached new heights. From favors to costumes to cakes, everyone will be falling in love with the mighty superheroes which protects everyone’s belly in your party with lots of delicious finger foods and sweet cakes.

These Avengers themed invitations will cut down the long-process of crafting your own invitation and we provide them for absolutely free, so you can spend the rest of your money on the decoration and the food.

These template was inspired from the blockbuster Movies Avengers, produced by Marvel Studios. It comes in portrait orientation, along with cool seamless grid of steels as its background layer. Are you such fanatic fan of Avengers? If so, you will be captivated with these Comical Avengers design.

Cute Elmo 1st Birthday Invitation Templates

Free Elmo Invitation Templates With Landscape and Pink BorderIf your child loves Sesame Street or Elmo’s World then they will love these personalized birthday invitations. Let her celebrate her big day with one of the most loved movie character in the world with this Cute Elmo themed invitation card.

Customize the template and print them out using your printer device. They comes in 5×7 inches format – so it makes lot easier for you to print them without having to buy another custom-printed invitation card at local printing shop.


Fresh Citrus Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Free Citrus Templates With Photo Frame and Fresh ColorsEveryone loves fruits! Especially Citruses, which have a wonderful fragrance that lifts our mood, refreshes, and even revitalizes. That’s why so many people love them so much. How if you celebrate your baby next birthday with these lovely Fresh Citrus? This one is not specifically made for certain gender, both your little prince and princess can use these one as their party invitation and it’s free though.


Cute Disney Princess Birthday Invitation Templates

Free Disney Princess Templates With Pink BackgroundYour little princess might wannabe a cute princess right? Dressed up your invitation with these cute Disney princess Design. A simple and fun invitation to live up your whole party concept.

This template is quite easy to make: First thing first, you have to download them and add your personal Text/wordings – then you can buy some supplies like Linen paper or card-stock paper and print the template out using those paper.


Frozen Invitation Template

Free Frozen Invitation Templates With Elsa and White Photo FrameThey’ll love this frozen party! You know what time it is! It’s a freeze time! Freeze your guests and lure them to come at your delightful party using these invitation template design.

This template comes with a designated place/box for you to put your own text and if you really wanted to – you can add your baby’s picture on top of them. Besides that, these invitation card will be decorated with beautiful Elsa with her signature glacier-blue dress.


Cute Building Blocks Baby Shower Invitation Templates

What could be better than Lego and kids? Nothing can cut these knot. Realize your kids dream with these party ideas, these template has six different styles though – so you can pick the one that match with your taste.

As you may have knew it, This Building block was inspired from the famous Lego’s brick and stuffs. A perfectly handmade template design, comes with cool background, along with various colors and shapes of toy blocks.

A complete “Baby Builder” invitation card. You can browse another themes on our site, from the elegant template design that catch your guest attention even from the first glimpse world to your baby’s favorite cartoon characters.


Batman Birthday Party Invitation Templates

Free Batman Templates With Batlogo and Yellow BackgroundEveryone Get to the Bat-cave! Let’s rock your baby’s first milestone with these Batman party concept. We can’t help but wonder why kids love Batman, we can’t blame them though.

Even I do love the dark knight! He’s a superhero that uses the best that he can in his war on crime. If both you and your kid established that love for a persona, then it’s a no-brainier to make it as a spotlight for your kid’s incoming birthday party.


Pink Baby Elephant Birthday Invitation Templates

Free Pink Baby Elephant Templates With Marble BackgroundThis template features a beautiful and charming little baby elephant. Besides that, you will get alluring white marble foils or textures and flowers to fill up the main layer. To keep it as yours, you will need to click the above link and you will be directed to the page.

You can match your party decoration & drinks with these cute pink colors.  Pink Balloons, Pink milk, Strawberry smoothies and the other pinky sprinkles!


Mario and Luigi Invitation Template for your Children’s Birthday Event

Free Mario Bros Templates With Colorful BackgroundAh yeah! Every kids should learn from Mario Bros. No matter how far your dream (Princess) is, they should reach them. What a stunning design to captivate your guests’ eyes & feeling.

Besides those things, do you have a Mario fan in the house?  This theme was perfect for my son’s 1st birthday. He loves this invitation card which is decorated with such colorful images, 3d Mario, Luigi & Yoshi figures, colorful banners, stars, as well as a white text-box design to put your text. You can use these designated box to put your baby’s photo.

Match the whole party concept with these Super Mario template. You can make some list of party games for your kid’s friends. For example, you can arrange a game that the kids had to dodge King Boos, then jump over Piranha Plants, and etc. So everyone could notice how beautiful your party is – and they will be coming to your delight party


Sweet Shoppe Birthday Invitation Templates

Free Shoppe Templates With Colorful Candies and Pink BackgroundShe’s cute and sweet at the same time – let’s join our party with so much fun – because this time – our little girl is turning ONE!

If you really likes kind of pinkish and girlish themes, you won’t get enough to see this lovely sweet Shoppe themed invitation card. Colorful candies and many other sweet treats will sprinkle your entire card in adorable way.

We have put a blank space or text-box for you to put your baby’s picture as well as a small detail information about your party. Get the invitation templates and download all of them for absolutely free folks!


Floral Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Floral Baby Templates With Pink FlowersCelebrate love in bloom with floral invitations. This design is fresh and fashionable, thanks to its bold colors and magnificent flowers. We’ve designed this template using the latest trending in the market.

This invitation templates also comes in six different type of designs though! So that you can pick each ones of the floral tea party template that suit your personal preference and you don’t have to worry, because we won’t ask you to pay even for a cent.

You can personalize them using a simple windows apps, like Microsoft Word and Paint. They are relatively easy to be operated and has plenty features or options.


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Invitation Templates

Free Twinkle Little Stars Templates With Balloons and StarsWhether you’re throwing a boyish party or even parties with full of adorableness. You will need an invitation card right? Of course, this Twinkle Stars could be the perfect invitation for your next party.

Celebrate your baby’s first birthday party with these cute Twinkle-Twinkle Little Stars! Do you want to know why we named it as Twinkle Stars? Because we features a lovely theme blends with flashy background and cute stuffs such Twinkle Stars, which makes it excellent choice for your baby’s birthday party or even for baby shower.

How To Download

If you’re wondering how to download these cute template, please follows these instructions:

  1. Pick your favorite template
  2. Click the provided link – wait a moment
  3. You will be directed to the respective page
  4. Scroll down and Left-Click the template
  5. Wait for a while, a new page will be appeared
  6. Right-click the template and choose “save image as” to save it
  7. Locate where the file will be saved in your device and Enter
  8. If the download process is finished, check your default download location and don’t forget to open them using Ms. Paint or Word.

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