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Top 20 Birthday Party Ideas For Boy That You Have To Try

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Planning a special event with a visually appealing both the theme and decoration that will inspire all guests to whip out their smartphones camera is a perfect way to lit your party up like wildfire on Instagram. To make sure your event is all the hype in this 2020, we’ve compiled a list of the current-trend in the Internet, especially in Instagram to make your next event stand out from the crowd.

Check out our birthday party ideas below,

1. Hot Wheels Birthday Party Kits Template

Free Printable Hot Wheels Templates With Landscape and DiecastIf your child loves Hot Wheels cars so much, this is the perfect theme for him, a super-duper fun party that you can handle even if you’re are on a tight budget. This template comes in a whole kits, awesome invitation card design, birthday hat, water bottle label, and cupcake topper.

Can you imagine, how cool your party is going to be? Here, you can realize your dream without having to spend your money, even for a single penny. That’s exactly what I aim to do with this template and Go check this Hot Wheels Birthday Party kits!

2. Spiderman Birthday Invitation Templates

Free Printable Spiderman Templates With Landscape and Photo FrameRecently, my little boy asked me to host his next birthday with Hot Wheels birthday party. So I decided to realize his dream and in this page you are going to see his favorite Spiderman’s character will transform into a cute yet cool birthday party kits.

My kid can’t take his eyes on this following design, especially his invitation card. I decorate the invitation card with such awesome Black-White Race flag border along with dope images of Hot Wheels die-cast. Anyway, this one is perfect for your little boy who want to race all the time!.

3. Nautical Summer Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Free Printable Nautical Templates With Stripes Background and White Text BoxWhen you hear the word related to summer – you know what that means, It’s Summertime!

You can consider to pick these nautical theme for your next party invitation. It’s a great way to add a touch of seaside flair to your celebration. Our templates comes with fine grid of Navy blue patterns that will wraps around your card’s border, along with many adorable stuffs such as Ship’s Wheel , Compass and my all-time favorite Anchor design. The colors blends really well, which combine both the traditional blue navy and white nautical theme.

4. Lion King Birthday Party Kits Template BIRTHDAY

Free Printable Lion King Templates With Birthday Party Hat and TopperThe Lion King is coming back this year and of course – I’m very excited about it. Through the original series and their signature musical versions, both of them has a huge success across the globe.

One day, I’ve got a pretty awesome idea to create a birthday kits and put the Lion Kings theme as the main spotlight. To style my safari-inspired party kits, I’ve designed all the kits with beautiful scenery of Forest green, along with Simba with his father Mufasa. Do you want it? Click the above link and you can download them for free folks!

5. Lego Batman Birthday Party Kits Template BIRTHDAY

Free Printable Lego Batman Templates With Cupcake Topper and Birthday Party HatMany friends of mine really love planning their birthday parties with me each year. It’s become a tradition for us to sit down, talk about their ideas and that’s why I create another cool design for them and share it with you pals!

This awesome Lego Batman is our final result guys! Please take a look and give them a try (lol). This birthday party kits are free for you, and if you can’t be eager to wait to keep this one for your next party, click on the above link.

6. Superman Birthday Party Kits Template

Free Printable Superman Templates With Bottle Label and LandscapeYou can print this stunning Superman birthday party kits using your own printer device peeps! It only takes a couple of minute – because we’ve made and put dash-lines to make it lot easier for you to cut and fold them into each shapes.



7. Incredible Baby Hulk Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Free Printable Incredible Hulk Templates With Landscape and Comic LayoutMarvel Avengers is all the hype in action at the moment, especially the bad-temper Hulk. Take your guests to the timeless Marvel Fantasy with these birthday invitation.

In this template design, you will get an invitation card which is decorated with such colorful speech bubbles and comic stripes. Makes them look alike a Marvel’s comic book.

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Free Printable TMNT Templates With Photo Frame and 3d BackgroundMy friend’s son really like this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and even one of them come to me and asked me to help him designing their kid’s upcoming party invitation. However, this is a fun-fact folks! This tiny versions of Donatello, Michael-angelo, Raphael and Leonardo will catch your guest’s eyes for sure.


9. Despicable Me Birthday Party Kits Template

Free Printable Despicable Me Templates With Minions and Yellow BackgroundIt’s free and they was inspired from the famous and super-cute Minions movie. Bob, Kevin and Stuart will be there for you, along with cool grid of pattern to fill out the border as well as the stock-white background. I’ve also put a text-box for you to put your text and if you really wanted to, you can also add your baby picture though. Many guests will be very happy to see your adorable invitations and sure they will come to your delightful party.

10. Halloween Kids Birthday Invitation Templates

Free Printable Halloween Templates With Stripes and Polkadot BackgroundFifteen minutes of effort, less than ten dollars spent, and invitations were done! And your Halloween party will stands out among the rest folks! Any template in our site is free, so make sure to check them out – to download this template/kits you have to click the provided link.


11. Cars 2 Birthday Invitation Templates

Free Printable Cars Templates With Red BackgroundRev your engines and hit the gas, this Disney Pixar Cars Birthday Party is such a blast!

Cars has been such a popular theme for so many years and it’s great that a new bunch of kids get to experience it, too!! How can you not be blown away by this stunning birthday party invitation? Everyone will go crazy!

The background layer is awesome, we took them from the movie cut-scenes and do some customization on it. You’ll definitely feel like you’ve been transported to Radiator Springs and meet the charming Lightning McQueen.

12. Slumber Birthday Party Kits Template BIRTHDAY

Free Printable Slumber Party Invitation With Pink Background and Text BoxKeep the celebration simple and memorable with a sleepover. Instead of a lavish party which provides tons of sweet cakes, candies and luxury decoration, you can do a simple mini event like Slumber/Sleepover party.

Get some supplies at nearby grocery store, buy some snacks for everyone – so they can munch-chew-bit while playing such games or even binge watch a Netflix show. Are you ready to use this invitation? Get them all for free dudes! Just click the provided link.

13. Donut Party

Free Donut Party Invitation Templates With Delicious Donut and SprinklesKids love being allowed to make a mess, and eating what they’ve baked. Host your kid’s upcoming birthday with these donut party ideas. Be sure to plan an activity, such as baking donut or stringed donut games – so kids don’t lose the steam.

This birthday kits also provide a party hat, if you want to add a little bonus – you can also bring some aprons for each kid to make it even better.

14. Iron Man

Free Printable Iron Man Templates With Party Invitation and Birthday HatThis Iron man birthday party kits will cut down the long-process of hosting your own party. As you may know it, this template was used in my little son’s first birthday party, I’ve designed them in portrait orientation, as well as plain background / text-box – so you can wording and the party details.

These templates has four templates, such as bottle/cup label, cupcake topper, invitation, and the party hat. Now, you have everything you need for your party.

15.  Cowboy

Free Printable Cowboy Templates With Vintage Background and HorsesWhat could be better than Boy and Horse? Nothing can cut these knot. Realize your kids dream with these party ideas, these template has six different styles though – so you can pick the one that match with your taste.



16. Sonic The Hedgehog Birthday Party Kits Template

Free Printable Sonic The Hedgehog Templates With Blue Sonic and Photo FrameThis Sonic-inspired templates features a timeless Sonic the Hedgehog character as well as beautiful mosaic to fill up the background layer. Without sacrificing any details, we puts a nicely designed text-box in the center of the card, there are two boxes; at the first box you can put your little baby’s photo, and the other ones you can add the detailed information about the party, such as name, photo, etc.

17. Motorcycle

Free Printable Motorcycle Templates With Black & White BackgroundCan you imagine how your guest’s reaction when reading these cool and elegant invitation design? Woah, your guests will be very excited folks! The all- black colored background along with dot patterns to make it stands out among the other.

There is an elegant text box design to put your baby’s name or mommy’s name below the bike and add a small detail to complete your invitation cards.

18. Dumbo Birthday Invitation Templates

Free Printable Dumbo Templates With Pink Background and Cute Baby DumpoThis cute Dumbo templates isn’t specifically made for baby girl party, but you can use this design for your little prince’s birthday as well. It comes in six different styles, with pink stripes background and adorable Dumbo the Baby Elephant.


19. Llama Birthday Party Kits Template

Free Printable Llama Templates With Birthday Party Hat and Cupcake TopperLlama mia…here we go again guys! We’re livin’ la vida llama and you’re invited! These quirky, furry camel-like creatures will be a great fit for your upcoming birthday party.



20. Trampoline

Free Printable Trampoline Invitation Templates With Rainbow and BalloonsWe guarantee you this invitation card won’t make you feel disappointed at all! This template is decorated with blackboard style background along with extra-ordinary design. You see it right? These cute magical unicorn dab-ing on top of trampoline folks! How awesome is that? Besides that, as you may see it, there is a designated place for you to put your baby or kid’s picture as well as the detailed information about your upcoming party.

Download Instructions

If you’re wondering how to download these cute template, please follows these instructions:

  1. Pick your favorite template
  2. Click the provided link – wait a moment
  3. You will be directed to the respective page
  4. Scroll down and Left-Click the template
  5. Wait for a while, a new page will be appeared
  6. Right-click the template and choose “save image as” to save it
  7. Locate where the file will be saved in your device and Enter

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